You Can’t Pick Your Family

With the holidays approaching, I find myself thinking more about family.  As you might expect, it has little to do with a turkey and a fat man, impromptu reunions, congregating and fellowship – you know, basic overall good cheer and more to do with very unique and contrasting personalities that coexist among relatives.

Just because you’re related doesn’t mean you’re going to be friends.  Even worse, you might not even like each other. 

From the black sheep to the goody-goody, the big shot, the mooch, the trollop and the prude, movers and shakers to hustlers and slackers, not to mention, wallflowers and butterflies – welcome to the world of family. Most families, mine included, consist of a bizarre group of individuals.

Family Tolerance,

There are individuals, who collectively as a group, you would never extend friendship, however because you’re related, by default; you’re “friendly” not just friendly, but “family friendly!”

Just recently, I partook in a family gathering/mini family reunion.  Growing up, I never thought of my cousins or siblings as my friends.  Why would I?  Cousins are cousins…cousins trump friends…siblings trump cousins.  Everyone knows that.

When I first heard the phrase, ‘You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family.’  I thought, how funny…and true, but the older I get I realize, it’s not only true – it’s the DAMN TRUTH!  Unless you have customs and traditions that prevent you from doing so, aside from your choosing your spouse, and whether or not you choose to have children, you have no control over who becomes a part of your family.

It is extremely possible that you might not have anything in common with your cousins or siblings. Rule number 1:  That is why it’s important to have friends.   

At this point, is it even necessary to remind you how important it is to choose your significant other wisely? You will definitely need someone to exchange side eyes and glances with while passing the rolls over the holidays at the “family table”.  

Even though you can’t pick your family, you can choose what, where and whom you choose to spend your time with and even if you can’t, if nothing else, you might just get a free meal.

Have a very Happy Holiday Season!


I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)

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