One of these days … one of these days … Pow! "to the Moon, Alice!"

The Honeymooners title screen.png

In almost every episode of The Honeymooners, Ralph Kramden threatened to send his wife to the moon. Simply because he was angry or she made a fat joke. Either way, she had a ticket to ride and the trip was free. Alice never went to moon and I don’t think Ralph wanted her to go anyway.

Richard Bransen
Since 2005, Richard Bransen has provided astronaut customers the opportunity to book a place in space with Virgin Galactic. With a deposit of $20,000 and the final ticket cost of $200,000 you can join Ashton Kutcher and others as they make history exploring the final frontier.

$220,000 for a ticket to the moon. I’d rather be punched in the kisser.  POW!

I’m Just Sayin…(Damn!)

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