Life & Cookies

We all take for granted opportunities,
the time we’ve been given,
the people in our lives.

There is nothing like a traumatic event to remind us of our mortality.
I am sick of these horrible stories.   We are all sick of these horrible stories.

Life is short.
Life is precious.
Life is taken for granted
too often

We know this; but often our actions speak otherwise.

Cut Out Sugar CookiesMy daughter loves to bake – cookies, cakes, pies, even desserts I’ve never heard of.

I don’t like to bake.   Period.

Baking is truly an activity that I do not enjoy, but I cherish the time I am able to spend with her.  I am well aware the time we spend together isn’t limitless.

Tragic events only make it painfully obvious.

So I bake – approximately 90 minutes,
once every blue moon, and it’s worth it.

Frosted Cut-Out Sugar Cookies
Easy Cut Out Sugar Cookies

You should see the smile on her face.  90 minutes for a smile that could brighten my darkest day.  A  smile that reminds me that our time together isn’t limitless.
Tragic events only make it painfully obvious.

I never wonder why, but I do wonder how.

How many more people will have their opportunities, time and lives stolen?
How can we prevent future tragedies?
How can we help those who feel they will find pleasure, worth or peace in hurting others?
How can we continue to accept this shit?

Personally, I am fucking sick of the shock and awe.

I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)

I look forward to becoming read this site a blue devils fan, and perhaps even get!

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