The Tale of Two Pumps: We’re Flooded!

This is the second post in the series:  The Tale of Two Pumps read She Said, He Said here!

As CFO there are times when I must make the hard unpopular decisions –  staycation vs. vacation, eliminating impulse purchases, reducing entertainment dollars, decreasing the number of times we dine out and deciding whether to replace or repair an appliance.  My family’s fiscal health is my primary responsibility.  I develop economic strategies, analyze and forecast our past, present and future financial standing.

Due to an ill-fated judgment call, I found myself standing on the stairs to my basement staring at several inches of water.  Both the ejector pump and sump pump were in need of repair; however I decided that repairs could wait.  I had a manual process which was working plus I didn’t want unexpected repairs to impact my necessary holiday spending.

Unfortunately, I report any findings to my husband/CEO.  I was not looking forward to the conversation.  As I walked up the stairs, I couldn’t help but think what would be the best way to inform him that the basement had gotten quite a bit of water the night before.

I debated whether I should wait for him to wake up or to wake him myself.  I’m not skilled on the etiquette of delivering bad news so I thought it would be best to wake him from his forty winks with just the facts.

We’re flooded!

Couple Flooded Basement,


That went over a helluva lot worse than I thought it would.  I don’t think I have ever heard so many expletives on a single subject in my life.  I had witnessed theatrical outbursts before and this was equally impressive.  It was entertaining.  It was terrifying, but it didn’t change the fact that he-WE needed to act.

Even though I had described the flood vividly, after several more cusses he decided to head downstairs to see the damage himself.  By this time, both pumps were plugged and working.  The standing water had receded.  If it wasn’t for the smell, the squishy-squashy carpet, and numerous dripping items; you would have never known that the basement flooded.

Believe it or not, he actually flipped the switch on a soaked power strip that was connected to a computer and various other electronics AND got the shock of his life.  Who does that?  He let out a wail and before I could stop him, which is odd only because I was standing beside him; he started throwing stuff. He can be quite stealth – just like that he was gone, back upstairs – back to bed.

I just stood there…on the drenched carpet staring at all the possible water damaged items trying to determine what to do next, while remembering all the things that were loss in the great flood.  I wanted to cry.  Although I am the Chief Financial Officer, I am also a member of the Crisis Management Team and cleanup crew.  I started moving things to higher ground positioning electronics in a way that they could drain and dry out.  I wasn’t going to throw everything away simply because it was wet.

Been there…Done that…

For years I had saved the Diva’s kitchen.  I thought one day she might give it to her daughter.  Her play kitchen was one of many items loss in the great flood.  The “great flood” was caused by a careless handyman who failed to tighten a clamp on a pipe he had replaced.  That was bad. The storage/utility room got completely wet, but this was far worse; the entire basement was flooded.

Like I said earlier, I wanted to cry, but I refused to submit to crisis mode.  I have a Bissell Carpet Cleaner.  It has a suction feature.  So that’s what I did for approximately 10 hours – I sucked.  CFO…next time I’ll read the full job description – Other duties as assigned will get you every time.


I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)

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