Put Me in Coach – The Adventures of a Newb Sport Parent

This is the sixth post in the series The Adventures of a Newb Sport Parent

I’ll admit it.   Sometimes it gets hard and even down right painful to watch my daughter do anything challenging or unfamiliar without trying to lend a hand or as she might say “takeover”.

Even when she’s running I try to think of ways I can will her pass the chick in front of her and keep her several strides ahead of the b@#!* in back.  I’m convinced that if I focus and concentrate plus learn to master the telekinetic superpower of motor-skill manipulation it would work.

www.imjustsayindamn.com, ThePurpleMan

What did you expect?  I may be a newb but I’m a quick study.

We’re midway through the season and the rumor mill’s abuzz. There are only so many spots on the varsity cross country team (7 to be exact) and the slowest runner will lose her place. As luck would have it, my daughter is the slowest runner (3 miles = 22:53).

I personally think that’s a great time, but I’m not the coach and in a sport where every second counts you really don’t have to be the fastest and chances are; you probably aren’t. You just need to be faster than the slowest person.

For several practices, they battled back and forth – tooth and toenail until it became obvious. My daughter was not only faster, but fast and consistent – Steady Freddy.  The thing about consistency; is just that, it’s consistent, and if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.

Although I wanted to have that conversation with the coach, I decided early on, I was not going to be that parent.  I’ve tried hard not to be that parent.  I’m slowly becoming that parent.

So like a newb, I immediately think she needs something in her back pocket something to take her to the next level; something to settle the score once and for all.  If running shorts had back pockets I would have put a rocket in hers, but instead, I found this:

Never Give Up! and it goes a little something like this! #motivation  www.imjustsayindamn.com

The Motto!

Then it happened.  Even though she remained consistent she was consistently shaving seconds off her time.  She became faster, while her competition (unfortunately, teammates are also the competition) who may have had one great practice, their times became erratic and considerably slower.

So like I was saying, early in the season, I decided I was not going to be that parent.  I’ve tried very hard not to become THAT parent.  I’m slowly becoming THAT PARENT!

However, I understand that it’s the coach’s decision all day every day.  I guess it’s true when they say – great minds think alike.  It also doesn’t hurt that fast don’t lie.


I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)

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