Deal or No Deal – This Purse Cost Me a $1,000

I love a good deal – so much that I will buy something simply because it’s on sale and the price is right. Think about it… Who doesn’t need an extra pair of this or that?  And even if you don’t, I’m pretty sure you know someone who does.  Share the love and pass it along.

Even though I have a coupon binder that I update regularly, I don’t consider myself cheap, frugal or thrifty.  I don’t do extreme couponing.  It’s just a binder containing restaurant deals and department store coupons. Don’t get it twisted.

You’ll never catch me buying 15 jars of mayonnaise.

Despite having been called a miser, nothing could be further from the truth. I’m no Scrooge McDuck.  I’m not even Mr.Krabs.  I like to shop, but I like my money just a little bit more. For me, shopping is a game – and in the end it’s all about wins and losses.  The rules are simple. (1) There is never a good reason to pay full price for ANYTHING and (2) Shop within your means.

There are only a few things worse than buyer’s remorse – being stung by a bee in the belly, while waiting to check out at the local Petsmart is one of them.  (I digress… that’s a post for another day), but if you think something costs too much, it probably does. Sales are great, but a clearance markdown – is the bees’ knees.  Are you kidding me?

Like any sport, you need to train, be strategic, have a game plan and a fair amount of athleticism in order to be successful. In comparison to other shopper athletes, I rank my skill level above average. So much above average, I’m extremely confident in my eye for a steal.

Last month during a vacation preparation shopping excursion; with my 16 year old label obsessed, clearance and final markdown allergic diva, I made a bet that I wouldn’t purchase any personal items for myself costing more than $20; regardless of the designer name, label or product.

I couldn’t lose.  That last pair of shoes I bought cost me $6.  Which were marked down from $60, plus I had a coupon – final cost $3.67.  To make a long story short, I felt like George Lopez, when he shouts to Angie, “I GOT THIS!”

So I had no problem wagering $1,000 bucks.  Why not?  “I GOT THIS!”

Famous last words…

Have you heard the term or phrase “Unsinkable”, “There’s No Such Thing as a Sure Thing”, OR “Tennessee Tuxedo Will Not Fail”?   If so, then you know the remainder of the story.  You may exit now, knowing that I appreciate each and every one of my readers.  If not, for those of you still here, to make a long story short – that’s exactly what happened and not due to my lack of trying.

Jae Mac was “Unsinkable”.  Jae Mac was “Not a Sure Thing”.  Jae Mac “Did Fail”.

So how did I come to meet my demise?  The loss can be explained in a single word. PURSE. Ok. Maybe not a single word, but a paragraph –

I had been looking for the perfect airport purse for weeks.  Knowing that I could not spend over $20, I made sure I was supplied with department store coupons up the wazoo. But here’s the thing…  as much as I love a good deal, I have to at least like the product.  There were several purses “airport worthy” that might have (with a sale and coupon) come in under $20.  Those that did, I didn’t like it and the ONE that didn’t, I bought.

Nine West Handbags,

For some odd reason, I thought a purse that cost a $1,000 dollars would look a lot different.


I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)

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