Pandora’s Box – Behind the Dust Bunnies

Every now and then I get a wild hair up my ass and attempt to tackle a new project, habit, or hobby. About a week ago, I was standing the in the kitchen debating whether or not to cook and I began to focus entirely WAY TOO MUCH attention on the kitchen cabinets.  They were grimy.  Not noticeably grimy to the untrained eye, but to my inner Felix Unger eye they were absolutely disgusting.

Grimy Kitchen Cabinet,

Does this look dirty to you?

Because of that, I immediately examined everything else – the walls, the top of the refrigerator, the non-existent backsplash, the ceiling fan and came to the ultimate conclusion:  “This kitchen is gross!”  Although I “clean” the kitchen every night, I realized I hadn’t “CLEANED” the kitchen since we moved in – that was 7 years ago.

So like I was saying, sometimes I get a wild hair up my ass and like to tackle new projects.  Seeing how I only “clean” the kitchen every 7 years it seemed as good a time as any.  Before I started I researched how to remove grime from kitchen cabinets and found this article 8 Fast Cleaning Fixes to Get Rid of Grime – great article a lot of helpful tips and tricks.

Apparently, a bottle of white vinegar is an essential must have for any home.  After reading through all the information I am convinced that if I can find a gigantor bottle of white vinegar and an even bigger box of baking soda, I could become invincible.  I would be able to clean anything – just get me a spray bottle and a sponge.

The plan was to start after dinner and dishes (around 7) working from the top down~ walls, cabinets, appliances, countertop and floor; afterwards, stand in the center of kitchen do the happy dance and admire all my hard work.  As you know, like most plans, you can’t plan for everything and I sure as hell did not plan for this.


Dust Bunnies on top of kitchen cabinets,

How did dust bunnies get up here?

I knew there would be grime, that’s the reason why I’m cleaning, but I did not think there would be dust bunnies on top of the cabinets.  Why would I think that?  Obviously my analytical brain doesn’t work like that, but it makes logical sense

As I’m cleaning I realize why I hadn’t done this in 7 years.  It’s a real pain. Several hours later it hit me.  If you clean the tops of the cabinets, be prepared to clean the cabinets.  If you clean the cabinets be prepared to clean the counters.  If you clean the counters be prepared to sweep and mop.  And if you clean the top of your refrigerator you might as well brace yourself and be prepared to clean behind the dust bunnies.

Dust Bunnies,

These dust bunnies were hiding behind the refrigerator.



I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)


How often do you “CLEAN” your kitchen?  

Tell me in the comments!

Mother the team and me

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