Does It Make A Sound?

Most of us are familiar with the conundrum of a tree falling in the forest with no one there to see it, but what happens if a car hits a truck and it doesn’t leave a dent?  Did it really hit the truck?

My latest adventure started out as most adventures do – fairly unadventurous.  It was a typical Monday, laced with the usual teenage sass.  Although the attitude has been getting better, unfortunately for me, today was no exception.  My schedule consisted of working out, contacting the health department regarding a restaurant selling fishy fakes and picking my daughter up from school.  Nothing was out of the ordinary, or was there?  Now I remember…McDonald's Oreo McFlurryI told my daughter I would take her to McDonald’s for an Oreo McFlurry before heading back to school for a meeting.  Mickey D’s is about 2 minutes from the high school so I figured it would be a nice treat while we waited.  Based on the proximity, I assumed it would be swarming with teenyboppers, but it wasn’t busy at all.  There was about 20 minutes to spare so it worked out fine.We dined in the restaurant.  Are you surprised?  No one wants to eat ice cream in a car during winter – that’s like eating a Popsicle in a freezer.McDonald's Curbside PickupAfter she was more than half way finished, we head out to return back to school.  Just like a gazillion times before, I back up, but then I stop.  Just like that, I suddenly stop – right there in the parking lot.  I stop – like a numskull.  For no good reason, I stop and get out of the car.

I get out and walk around.  I immediately notice a red truck in the curbside pickup area. I look at my car.  There’s no damage.  I look at the truck.  There’s no damage.  I look at my car again and at the same time  I see a ginormous older gentleman headed my way.

Me:  (confused) Did I hit your truck?
He:  (angrily) Now you know the answer to that question!
Me:  (snarky) Noo…Seriously, take a look there’s no damage anywhere.  That’s why I’m asking.
He: (angrily) You know damn well you hit my truck!
Me: (sternly) You don’t have to get nasty!
He demanded my insurance information.  I gave.  I took pictures of both vehicles and told him I would be needing his information as well.  We exchanged phone numbers and all of the pertinent information you should give after a car accident.  I sent a text alerting the meeting organizer that we’d be arriving a tad late due to a fender bender.
So here it is, my latest philosophical dilemma :
If a car hits a truck and it doesn’t leave a dent, you know a minor fender bender, did it really hit the truck.  Does it make a sound?
Of course it makes a sound.

I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)

Fender Bender


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  1. March 11, 2013 at 4:10 am

    well shazham!!!

  2. Jae_Mac
    March 11, 2013 at 4:48 am

    LOL : D thanks for commenting

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