Good Things Come To Those Who…

Patiently wait.

Are always late.

Participate.  Contemplate.  Forget the date

but seize the day!

Make their own way and constantly pray.
Save all their pay.

but who am I to say?
Skeleton Waiting

Let’s go back to patiently wait.

I hate to beat a dead horse or a dead anything for that matter, but I have been patiently waiting for the Blackberry Q10 FOREVER or at least for about 2 years.

In smartphone time, years are friggin’ decades.  So like I was saying, 20 years ago, I was duped into buying a Samsung Galaxy S2  – Skyrocket. You know the one:  lightening fast, apps for days, with an interface so compelling one might mistake it for an IPhone.

Well let me be the second to say, an IPhone it ain’t.  It’s not even a Blackberry.

The fact of the matter is, no matter how archaic marketers want you to believe the Blackberry products are, my Blackberry Bold 9700 powered up yesterday without a hitch to stand in for my Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket who decided to take holiday.  For the last 15 to 16 hours my “Skyyrocket” has been powering on and off non-stop.

Yeah.  I said it.  My Samsung Galaxy S2 took holiday.  It was on break…vacation.

That’s funny, only because I still had a lot of shit to do, and there was no time for holiday.
Come on…I don’t work, therefore I don’t take holidays and I need a phone, a smartphone, that can keep up with me.

Prior to my Samsung’s “holiday”, it had been over 500 days since I’ve used my Blackberry.

It makes me sad just thinking about it, but yesterday, it was like old times.  I know it’s not personal, but sometimes I can’t help but think that it is.  I cheated and Blackberry is making me pay, because of me, we all have to pay.

I swear when the Blackberry Q10 comes out, I’m going to be all over it!
I know…I know…
I could have had the Blackberry Z10 by now, but why settle.  I know what I like and I know what I want.

No –  I’m not a spokesperson.  I don’t have stock options and I did not sleep in a Holiday Inn last night, but I do know that the Blackberry is the smartphone for me.  I guess it’s true, good things come to those who…

and miss a trackball, trackpad; let’s face it – a Blackberry track anything.

I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)

Do you have a smartphone? Let me know in the comments!

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