How You Doin’?

Nosey BitchNext time, before you answer, ask the inquisitor “Why do you want to know?” This may shocked or offend, so take care; most people are simply being polite, a “Pretty Good”, or an “Okay, How Are You?” will suit them just fine.  By asking Why? you have a better chance of knowing how to categorize her:  concerned, curious or nosey.If you’re lucky, she’s genuinely concerned and you may want to continue the dialogue, exchanging pleasantries and life experiences.She will be offended by the Why? but will most likely tell you that she’s just concerned.If you’re unlucky, she’s curious.  The exchange is more one-sided (your side), but after you entertain and satisfy her curiosity; the conversation is over.

She will be shocked by the Why? but will most likely hint that she has a boring life or has no life and lives vicariously through you.  She’s just curious and probably a little lonely.

You’re SOL if she’s nosey.  This Talkfest is two-sided, Qs & As, invasive and slightly mimics an investigative report.  The funny thing about nosey, is that it often stems from genuine concern, growing and feeding off curiosity.

Many friends and families have been destroyed due to the evolution of concern.
Sad but true.

She will be shocked and offended by the Why? and will most likely become defensive; declaring that she’s only asking a question and she didn’t know she was prying.  She’s just concern.

A nosey person seeks OPI (Other Peoples’ Information) for ammunition to use in the future.

I guess we’re all guilty and victims sooner or later.

I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)

Last year, my work was finally recognized in the worlds largest

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