"Don’t Quit Your Day Job…"

I Hate This Job sign

Never has a phrase been so discouraging, but in today’s economy it may actually be merited.  Is there ever a good time to quit your day job?  Was there ever a good time?  Probably not.
However, the time may come when you are faced with the decision to jump off the runaway train bound for Working To Make Someone Else Rich, or stay on and hope for the best.

My time has come.
I thought the decision to jump would be easy.  I certainly hate it (my job) well enough.  I don’t have a shopping, drinking or drug habit that I need to support.  My credit card balance is manageable.  My student loan is minimal and my car payment is totally doable as long as my husband keeps his day job.

I’m a realist.  We both can’t jump off the train; we have lives and a household to support.

To jump or not to jump?  That is the question.

I’ve been with my current employer 19 years. I’ve held several positions.  I’ve been promoted.  I’ve worked hard.  I’ve worked long days and then there were days I hardly worked at all.  Finally, after 25 years of working  I’m ready to jump.

Can I afford to jump?
Can I afford NOT to jump?  Should I wait for a better time?  Oh yeah, there is no good time, but preparation can make that moment a lot less painful.  This will mean cutting back or eliminating many necessary but unnecessary expenses which I know we have, but at the current moment I cannot think of any.  We need internet.  We need cable and my husband needs HD.  We need our smart phones.  I need bottled water, and now I need a glass of wine.

I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)

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