Go to the Bathroom First – The Adventures of a Newb Sport Parent

This is the second post in the series- The Adventures of a Newb Sport Parent

I’m pretty sure spectators of all sporting events have challenges – where to park, where to sit, where to buy concessions, locating the bathrooms.  This past week I had my own set of challenges.

I learned that when a cross country meet is located in the woods, you park where ever; you sit only if you need to, in the bag chair/lawn chair/Sit-Upon you brought.  Concessions are in your cooler or purse, and the bathroom, if you’re lucky; is a Porta Potty.


I don’t use Porta Potties.
Well to be honest, I have once, and it turned out horribly.  I couldn’t figure out how to lock the door and had to yell, while keeping my foot and hand pressed against the door (while hovering); that it was OCCUPIED, as someone repeatedly tried to enter.

So I vowed that I would NEVER use a Porta Potty EVER AGAIN!  NO EXCEPTIONS!

As I was walking over the meadow and through the woods, trying to find my daughter’s team or at least the starting point; I felt the urge.  I kept saying to myself, “Didn’t you go to the bathroom first?”

Even though, I knew I had, I tell you, it’s something about walking in the woods.  When you know there’s nowhere to go, but technically there’s everywhere to go then suddenly you feel the need to go.  Personally, I hate when that happens.

Then out of nowhere, I see a runner jogging towards the Porta Potties.  There were four, lined up, side by side and it looked as though 20 to 30 people were in queue waiting to relive themselves.

She politely asks if she could go next, because her race was starting soon.  They obliged.

At that moment, it becomes apparent she’s running in the same race as my daughter. For a split second, I wish I would have been in line at the Porta Potties (I never thought I’d wished that) just so I could have told her –

but I’m a newb and I hear a familiar voice say, “Mom, ‘Coach always says, “Go to the bathroom first!”


You do not want to behind 98 girls waiting for a Porta Potty!

Based on the way I was feeling, I would say that is a pretty good rule of thumb for runners and spectators.


I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)

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