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Introducing Guest Blogger:  Summer!

I am very happy to introduce Summer as my guest blogger today. Summer is very talented young writer and a free spirit who cares more about standing out rather than fitting in.  Hopefully, Summer will be a frequent guest contributor on I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!).  Please enjoy her first post.


Why is this world so hateful
Why does race matter
Why ImageWhy can we be friends
Why can’t we
Why do people judge
Why does it matter how I live
Why can’t we trust
Why can’t we agree
Why r people treated wrong
Why can’t I think
Why can’t I turn in my homework
Why can’t I get this set right
Why does no one get me
Why do we have bullies
Why do I bother to try
Why can’t I play outside
Why do people laugh and yell
Why is the sky blue
Why can’t people be honest
Why can’t people help each other
Why r there stereotypes
Why do we struggle
Why is gas sooo high
Why is it so hot
Why is it so cold
Why did I not make it
Why did I not get paid
Why am I so old
Why can’t people stop saying why
Why can’t I

As we grow throughout the years, we find ourselves asking new found questions about life; that we don’t yet have the answers to.
Will we ever have the answers to all our problems? Questions?
When what who WHY where?
Who knows why we don’t have any answers?

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