The Tale of Two Pumps: She Said, He Said

There are only a few things worse than waking up in the middle of the night hearing strange noises, being stung, in the belly; by a bee while standing in the checkout line at Petsmart is one of them.  However, this is about weird noises.  A couple of months ago, I was seconds away from drifting off into REM sleep when I thought I heard the sound of some type of motor running.

Nothing like a chainsaw to quickly wake you the hell up, but this was more like a soothing sound rather than frightening.  I ignored it and allowed myself to drift. Unfortunately, the once soothing sound became more of an irritating buzz and it didn’t stop.  I did a quick check to make sure the Xfinity Home alarm was armed, put on my slippers and went to investigate.

I tipped downstairs and noticed the sound was coming from the basement.  Once in the utility room I realized it was the ejector pump.  It wouldn’t stop running.  This had happened several times before so I unplugged it, sent my husband a text letting him know that it would probably need to be replaced AGAIN and went back to bed.  It was last replaced February 2012.

Fairbanks Morse Ejector Pump,

It’s rare for things to break while covered under the warranty!

When we made the decision to become a single income family, I was appointed CFO. I advise and budget repairs and major purchases on an as needed basis with the most critical repairs being completed first.  This wasn’t critical.  I just needed to remember to plug the ejector pump when doing laundry and unplug it when I am finished. Easy Peasy.

Like I said earlier, there are only a few things worse than waking up in the middle of night hearing strange noises; driving home having your CHECK ENGINE light come on, after spending over $1400 in auto repairs less than 6 months ago, is one them.  When I heard the familiar buzzing sound, this time I was prepared, but I was taken aback, because I knew I hadn’t done any laundry.

Did I forget to unplug the ejector pump from the day before?  I hoped not.  I did not want the pump to burn out.  Based on everything I researched on the Internet, it needed a new switch, but if it burned out; it would need to be replaced.  That could be a $300-$400 difference.

Once I again, I did a quick check – making sure the alarm was set.  I tipped downstairs to the basement and just like I thought, I did not forget to unplug the ejector pump.  This buzzing noise was coming from the sump pump!  I unplugged the sump pump, sent my husband a text, letting him know that he was right and went to bed.  He text me back – his favorite phrase – It’s always something!

Sump Pump,

As CFO I made the decision that neither pump would be repaired or replaced at that time.  It was too close to Christmas.  As long I remembered to plug the ejector pump when I did laundry and plug the sump pump when it rained or when the snow began to melt we’d be fine.  It’s winter time and a lot more winter is ahead.

Two weeks ago, I awake to what sounded like rain.  I immediately rushed downstairs to plug in the sump pump. The basement was completely flooded. Standing in about 4 inches of water, I plugged the ejector pump then plugged the sump pump.

It’s always something!  That’s what She said, He said.


I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)

Have you had any major home disasters lately?

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