The Doctor Is In: Dr. Woods Garden Cucumber Raw Shea Butter Soap Review

In honor of Black Friday I’m celebrating with a product review for Dr. Woods Soap.

Dr. Woods, Garden Cucumber Raw Shea Butter Soap,

Ingredients: palm oil, palm kernel and/or coconut oil, water, glycerin, mint leaf and cucumber fragrance, organic shea butter, crushed mint leaves, natural mineral pigment, salt, vitamin E

I’m a product junkie especially when it comes to hair, makeup and skin care, but not necessarily in that order. I consider myself an unofficial beauty connoisseur.  So when I received a bar of Dr. Woods Garden Cucumber Raw Shea Butter Soap I couldn’t wait to try it.  The refreshing mint aroma permeated through the box and when I read that it was all natural and contained crushed mint leaves as an exfoliant agent I opened it immediately.

Dr. Woods Garden Cucumber Raw Shea Butter Soap,

Not Animal Tested, Gluten Free, 100% Vegan

Who gets excited about soap?  This chick!

Dr. Woods Soap, All Things Good,

Paraben and Phthalate Free, Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate Free, No Petroleum Derivatives

I lathered the soap using warm water and applied to my face using my fingertips in a circular motion.  As I mentioned earlier, the minty smell is refreshing and unlike other exfoliants (micro-bead products and apricot scrubs) I’ve used in the past, Dr. Woods Garden Cucumber Raw Shea Butter with Mint Leaf Exfoliant did not feel gritty or harsh on my skin.  It rinsed clean and there wasn’t any irritation.

After one use, it was visible. The dead skin layers had been removed; my complexion appeared clearer and had a healthy glow.  However, my skin felt tight – not dry, but the tightness you feel after using an astringent. I didn’t know which natural ingredient had caused this, so I did some research and found that mint leaf provides many benefits for the skin and shrinking pores is one of them.

If you’ve been looking for all natural soaps and facial cleansers Dr. Woods products are definitely worth giving a try. Bar soaps come in nine different scents and types allowing you to choose based on your skin’s needs.

I’ve been using Dr. Woods Garden Cucumber Raw Shea Butter Soap daily for approximately 3 weeks and the overall appearance of my complexion has never look better.  I haven’t experience any breakouts or sensitivity, but I think I may decrease my usage as the weather gets colder and drier.  I’m not too sure how my “new” skin will respond to old man winter. 

I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)


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