GET UP! It’s Called Work for a Reason

A lot of the greats have come out of retirement, Michael Jordan, Brett Favre, George Foreman even Jay-Z just to name a few.  Whether it was just for the love of it, financial woes, mere boredom or an offer was made that only a baby would refuse.  Whatever the case, the early retirement was short lived. It has been 6 months since I re-entered the workforce.  Although I have the luxury of working full-time from home and I have been actually “at work” less than 20 times since April, I’m here to tell you its called work for a reason.

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My schedule is flexible, basically liquid.  I have no designated start time or end time but I am sometimes tasked with projects that leave me wondering why in the hell did I get back into this shit.  I’m quite sure the aforementioned all said the same thing.  Brett after an incomplete pass or sack, MJ after a block shot, George, maybe not much, after all he did come out retirement to make comeback becoming the oldest Heavyweight Champion in history and Jay-Z married Beyonce.  Ok not all of us. However, I have come to realize, unfortunately a little too late, that work no matter how flexible it is cuts into my free time and I’m having a hard time accepting that.  I don’t want to start my day earlier or end my nights short just to find a work-life balance.  I’d much rather burn the candle at both ends, but here’s the thing  I don’t know how much longer I want to do this and I’m not sure my hubby will let me early retire AGAIN.  He can’t stop me, but you know what I mean…it’s a decision that we’ll make together. I’d be lying if I said going back to work has caused problems in my home life, because it hasn’t.  The additional income has allowed us to complete some major purchases, but like I said earlier, it cuts takes away from my free time and in case you haven’t notice it has caused my blog to suffer.  After spending several hours on the computer 5 days of week the last thing I want to see is another computer monitor – at least not with me sitting in front of it. I have a meeting this week, so I’ll be on property with the corporate politics, discussing a dog and pony show ~ basically taking care of business. It’s called work for a reason. I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)

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