How My Blog Saved My Stash!

I would not consider myself technologically challenged.  Are you kidding me? At times I can LIKE, Tweet, text and update my current status in a single bound.  Although those skills are quite impressive they do not put an end to my occasional rookie mistakes.

About 10 years ago, I realized the SD card on my digital camera was reaching capacity and I was attempting to compress the size or the quality of the images to free up space.  So when I was asked if I was sure that I wanted to format the disk, I quickly selected YES – deleting all of my photos (graduation, vacation, and random pictures of my kids eating, playing, sleeping) like most, they were never backed up nor were they printed. They were officially lost – gone forever.

At that point I committed myself to saving all future pictures from my camera’s SD card onto my computer, flash drive and a second SD card to be used for my digital picture frame.  Rarely do I print pictures anymore in spite of having a photo printer.

Fast forward 10 years to last night, I was looking at a receipt and noticed the “SCAN THIS BARCODE” for future offers or something like that.  I remember downloading a barcode scanner app a few years ago which worked in conjunction with my camera somehow.  I opened the camera, flashed the barcode and suddenly remember that is not how it worked.

Therefore, I proceed to the gallery to delete the image.  I check marked the box showing the image – a count of 1,307 images was displayed. I study the box.  I study the barcode image displayed.  I clicked delete.  When asked to confirm deletions, I clicked YES.

Immediately I realized; I did not select the image.  I selected the folder – history was repeating itself.  Just like 10 years earlier, I deleted all my pictures (vacations, random shots of my kids, the dog and food).   I quickly powered off thinking that would save the day.  It didn’t.  I didn’t think it would, but I was hoping that if I responded quick enough it might create an error causing the action to crash.  That was not the case.

Once again the images were lost – officially gone forever.

My fail safe didn’t work.  The backup plan I have for my digital camera wasn’t implemented on my Smartphone. The majority of the pictures were saved on my phone’s internal memory.  Then I remembered that when I started blogging, I created a Photobucket account – initially to create a blog button, and inadvertently it was being used to backup all the images from my Smartphone.

When I created my account there was an option to upload all existing images and future images automatically.  At that time, my crazy brain didn’t know why that would be helpful. It would be great to access the images from my phone that I planned to use in a blog post without having to connect my phone, but I never thought that it would prove to be the best backup plan ever.  And that is how, my blog saved my stash.

I’m too young to consider myself old school, but I remember a time when the Internet was only good for research, shopping and porn. In this case, I’m happy to say times have changed.

I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)

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