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It’s Friday…and I’m so glad I made it!  WE MADE IT!

It’s been a busy BUSY week for me.  As a matter of fact, the last couple of weeks have been an extreme cluster f***.  Don’t worry, that’s another blog post and I’ll fill you in at a later date; and NO, you did not miss the Apparoo App of the Week last Friday. There wasn’t an app, but this week we’re back with a new free app and I think you’ll be totally jazzed.  At least your kids will ;-)!


Sometimes simple is best. No matter how many fancy toys your kid has, they always end up on your lap saying “Mama, tell me a story.” iStoryTime is like a central library for kids’ books, and they wisely left off extraneous features, letting the stories shine. It includes four free books and then you can buy more à la carte, or pay a monthly or annual fee, Netflix-style, for unlimited books. With new books released in the app every week, there is always fresh content to enjoy. Stories can be narrated or silent, allowing your child to read independently when they’re ready. As Leonardo said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” (Da Vinci, not DiCaprio, people.) Download it here for free.
I remember when I thought Teddy Ruxpin was cool.  Now, he’s just creepy.

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