Apparoo App of the Week – Grandma’s Kitchen

Happy App Friday!

As you know, I’ve teamed with Apparoo, an app discovery resource for busy moms and once a week, typically on Fridays; I share the app of the week, which is offered for free or a reduced price.  This week’s app is normally $1.99 but over the next few days you can download it for only $0.99!

Grandma’s Kitchen

Grandma’s cooking up a storm in this fresh-baked app that stirs kindergarten and first grade skills into the batter. Kids can “bake” compound words, make and decorate a cake, tell time to see when the cake will be ready, and even help Grandma wash the dishes. Reading, math, and pattern-recognition are seamlessly integrated into eight fun mini-games, and live-action instructive cooking tips add to the deliciousness. Customize the games to choose which skills to activate. So hide the knives and step aside – your eensie-weensie Emeril or junior Julia Child will be whipping up dinner – with a side of reading and math!

My Grandma’s kitchen was cool, but it was nothing like this!

Each week I am impressed with all the new and exciting apps that I am able to share with you.  I am curious to know what has been your favorite and what type of app would be helpful to you.  For me, I could really use an app that had the ability to cook dinner and do laundry – or maybe that’s a housekeeper.

Oh yeah, I forgot…that’s me!

I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)

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