So it’s Over? – The Adventures of a Newb Sport Parent

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When my sports career began I had no idea where or when it might end. Now that I think about it, that’s not entirely true.  My daughter had a calendar detailing every practice and meet from June to November.  This was great because I like to be organized.  However, every other week, like clockwork; I threatened to “pull her off the team”.

There were certain requirements that needed to be met in order for me to allow her to join a sport and even more stipulations to remain on the team.  I didn’t think she would be able to keep up with the rigorous pace once school started. It was obvious. She needed to adopt better time management skills or it was just not going to happen.

At times it seemed like my adventures of being a newb sport parent were over before they started. Some days were on point, others not so much, therefore I anticipated that her cross country season would end somewhere between the summer conditioning schedule and shortly before or after the first meet in September.

Although I’m her biggest fan, what I’m about to say next may sound a bit harsh. I seriously did not know how long she could keep it up, whether or not she could remain on task.  I didn’t really expect her to have much of a season; not because I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my sanity, money, time and body (actually the wear and tear on my vehicle) or she wasn’t able and didn’t have the wherewithal to be a successful runner.

Given her track record, (no pun intended), of being notoriously late; it was shocking to see her get pass the summer training and to the first practice, but I certainly didn’t think she would make it to the next day’s practice or the subsequent practices, not to mention the first meet and regionals?

PHSC Cross Country Regional Race 102613,

Come on! Are you kidding me?

Who was this kid?  Did I even know this kid?  Should I know this kid?

She was hardly recognizable. A few months ago, I attempted a deprogramming of the diva.  Had I been successful?

Well after 75 practices and 10 meets the season came to an abrupt end at the regional races, with only 1 meet remaining before the Illinois Cross Country State competition; the team failed to advance.  So it’s over – just like that, after approximately 188 hours of practice and running over 250 miles it’s over.  Not bad for a newb – athlete or sport parent.

This Is How a Heart Breaks,


I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)


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