5ive for Friday: 5 Most Popular Post From November – You Should Read Too!

Just in case you may have missed an earlier post or you are new to the I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!) blog, each month I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)  features the five most popular posts.  So without delay, I present the posts that attracted the most page views in November.  I wonder if there are any repeats.
    1. It’s So Pretty – The Card.com Visa Prepaid Debit Card – The most popular post in November was a product review for Card.com.  Unlike other prepaid debit cards, Card.com allows you to customize your card to fit your personality.  There are SEVERAL designs to choose from – cartoons, musicians, television programs and social causes are some of the selections just to name a few.  You can find out which card I chose here and read all about my shopping spree.www.imjustsayindamn.com, Prepaid Visa Debit Cards
    2. Review -Total Nutrition by Immortal Herbs –  Wow…another product review! Double Wow!! a repeat from the October top 5~slipping from number one.  Total Nutrition is an easy-prep supplement rich in antioxidants containing a diverse blend of superfood ingredients and claims to provide an average person with an entire day’s worth of nutrients.  You can find out more about Total Nutrition and my reaction to the superfood supplement here.
    3. Weight For It – Ozeri Precision Digital Bathroom Scale Review –  After 90 days of working out~ 5 days a week, 2 hours a day, cardio and strength training I was more than eager to step onto the scale (no tapping required – thanks to InstaOn™ technology) to see that I was 15 pounds lighter!  Get the skinny.
    4. Smile Wider With Invisalign – My first sponsored post is no stranger to the top 5, having the made the unofficial list during my migration from Blogger to WordPress back in May. It appears again at number four. I was a first adapter/guinea pig.  Read about my experience.
    5. 5 Most Popular Post From October – Check’em Out! – Once again the top 5ive for Friday made into the top 5.  So take some time and read through a few that didn’t make it to the top this time but are likely contenders:

There you have it, November’s top 5 most popular posts.  I hope you take the time to read through a few. Who knows?  You may find a new favorite. Between me and you, product reviews are trying to take over.  However, I wonder which post is coming for the number one spot.  I have only one thing to say…keywords.


I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)

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