2013 Chicago Auto Show: 2 out of 105 Not Bad…

2013 Chicago Show McCormick Place

Last week I had the chance to check out the 2013 Chicago Auto Show.  It was my second time attending the event.

Four years ago I was unable to make it with my family and I missed out on the Transformer Bumblebee and Chevy Camaro display.  I would’ve really liked to see a “life-size” (I guess a cartoon character can be life-size) Autobot.  This picture is awesome, but I’m pretty sure it was more impressive in person!
Transformer Bumblebee Chevy Camaro

So I’ve been hell bent on seeing something cool each year.

In 2012, I attended the North American International Auto Show, aka the Detroit Auto Show.  I thought the Motor City would have a bigger & better event, but I was sadly mistaken.

Although I’ve lived in Chicagoland all my life, I recently found out that when it comes to auto shows no one does it like Chicago. The Chicago Auto Show is the oldest and largest auto show in North America – 105 years and counting.

I’m not an auto enthusiast, but I like history and the classic car display at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show was like cruise night on steroids.

2013 Chicago Auto Show Classic Cars
The classics were interesting to see, but when is a car more than a car?
When it’s prepared for a ZOMBIE ATTACK!
With all the noise about zombies lately, I think Hyundai got it right with it’s Zombie Survival Machine.
2013 Chicago Auto Show Hyundai Zombie Survival Machine
I can’t think of anyone who wants to wake up dead!
The concept cars are always cool, especially when they’re Hot Wheels.
1967 Hot Wheels Camaro Concept Car
Then (1967)


2013 Hot Wheels Camaro Concept Car
Now (2013)

Kids and adults alike could partake in a physics lesson type challenge to become the world’s best driver. Everyone got a souvenir photo and at least one Camaro Hot Wheel for participating.

Hot Wheels World's Best Driver
She won two!

Have you ever wondered what the garage of a Comcast executive looks like?  

Comcast Business Class, 2013 Chicago Auto Show

As for me, my taste in cars is a lot more practical. 

Volvo S60
My next major purchase!

If only I could I say the same about my taste in shoes.

After 1 million square feet, my dogs were killing me!

I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)

Have you ever been to the Chicago Auto Show?  Did you go this year?  
What’s your dream car? 

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